Table of contents:

  1. CDLAlert: InformaWorld down Wednesday morning (8/4/2010)

  2. CDLALERT: Multiple vendor downtimes scheduled for Fri. - Sat. (8/27-8/28)

  3. CDLALERT: ScienceDirect and Scopus are back

  4. CDLALERT: ScienceDirect and Scopus are temporarily unavailable

  5. CDLAlert: Springer and LexisNexis upgrade this weekend (Aug 7)

  6. CDLALERT: UCSF, UCSC, and UCR OPACs to be unavailable on 8/31

  7. CDLAlert: University of Chicago journals not available tonight (8/17)

  8. CDLAlert: Wiley down this weekend (Aug 7)


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